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All kinds of blinds for your Office & Business.

Need some beautiful new blinds for your office or maybe you’d just like a fresh new look for your business premises but don’t know where to start.

Yes there’s lots of blind companies to choose from so read on and we’ll show you a selection of the products we can offer.

Capital Blinds are a family run blind business since 1993 we’ve supplied bespoke blinds, made-to-measure and fully installed by professionals with 30 plus years experience.

We can visit your office or business premises to measure your windows and guide you towards the correct blinds, depending on the style of window and type of property, whether you are a small family business or a major ‘blue chip’ company.

Most of our blinds can be manufactured and installed within 2 weeks of your order.

Most blinds are installed at no extra charge, we cover most of the London, Essex and Hertfordshire areas.

Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Housing Organisations, Restaurants, Banks, Sports Stadia.

We have installed blinds for;

  • NHS Trusts in and around the London area installing blinds in Hospital wards and Doctors surgeries.
  • A leading Hotel chain installing wooden blinds and curtains in the public areas for their countrywide Hotels .
  • Local Schools installing Vertical, Venetian and Roller blinds working with the caretakers to ensure minimal disruption.
  • A major banking chain all over the Home Counties installing Vertical & Roller blinds in the offices and staff rooms.
  • A major Football Club installing Wooden Venetian blinds in the offices and Vertical & Venetian blinds in the Lounges and private boxes.
  • We have installed various types of blinds for social housing organisations on their existing & new build projects.
  • We have also supplied a major pharmaceutical company with new blinds whilst maintaining the existing supplied by others.

So whoever you are we think we can help you on your next project.

If you are a Letting Agent, Property Management Company, Builder or Refurbishment Company we can work with you to achieve the preferred look for your clients next project.

  • Roller Blinds.

Capital Roller Blinds are perfect for diffused light or light-block, we have all the latest patterns, plains, striped and embossed fabrics to choose from, or alternatively you may wish to have your own fabric specially printed with your company logo, etc.

Our roller blinds are supplied on the industry leading ‘Louvolite system as standard.

32mm, 40mm and 45mm aluminium roller tube dimensions available depending upon blind size.

Full range of hardware options including White, Brown, Cream and Black brackets with White, Brown, Cream, Black, Silver and Gold coloured control chains.

A Cassette box system is available, and should you prefer more light to be blocked we can incorporate side channels to exclude more light.

Fabrics from Louvolite, Eclipse, Decora and Dutton & Gavin to mention a few of the market leaders.

Many fabrics are available Flame Retardant should this be your requirement.

Our roller blinds can be supplied with a decorative shaped edge with or without a metal or wooden pole finish.

We also supply ‘Duorol’ Roller blinds which you can adjust depending on the amount of privacy you require.

  • Vertical Louvre Blinds.

Capital Vertical Louvre Blinds are especially good value for covering those larger floor-to-ceiling windows.

Vertical blinds are good for diffusing light, whilst still allowing a view out, as the louvres can be rotated approximately 180 degrees or simply opened up to expose the full view from the window.

Capital Vertical blinds are supplied in 89mm & 127mm louvre width fabrics from Louvolite, Eclipse and Decora.

You can also choose Rigid PVC or Aluminium slats.

We use the well tested ‘Eclipse Impala’ wide bodied (44mm x 26mm) headrail and the ‘Louvolite Slimline Vogue’ (39mm x 28mm) headrail which can be supplied in White, Silver, Gold, Brown or Black.

You can have your blinds made with right or left hand controls, with right or left hand fabric stack, or to part equally like a set of curtains, commonly known as ‘split draw’.

For Safety, We can offer a wand control system, or the standard cord & chain control with a retaining safety cleat.

  • Wooden Venetian Blinds.

Capital Venetian Blinds are tailor made to fit your window frames perfectly, ideal for the CEO’s office or Boardroom.

Wooden slats are available in a variety of widths, 25mm and 50mm slat size being the most commonly used.

The most common wood is Basswood from North America, which tends to be the most cost effective made-to-measure product, all wood starts off in the light basswood form and is stained or painted to create the colour and look you desire.

We can also supply natural Ash, Bass, Beech, Maple and Walnut which can give a varying amount of grain.

The wood slats can be custom painted to your exact requirements matching the most popular paint colour references.

Product ranges include Palm, Luxaflex and S-Craft to name a few.

Wooden blinds can be made with a decorative tapes, coloured plain or patterned tape for that individual look.

All our blinds are built on a heavy-duty headrail like the Hunter Douglas or Equador headrail (57mm x 51mm) and come with a matching wooden pelmet cover.

We can offer a Left or Right hand side cord control for operation.

We also supply Faux Wood / Pacific Woodstyle Expanded Foam PVC slat which are good for damp areas.

  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

Capital Aluminium Venetian Blinds are tailor made to fit your windows perfectly, and are great for blocking the sunlight when using your computers and giving staff some privacy from passers-bye.

We offer a wide choice of aluminium slats from the Hunter Douglas range (approximately 250 colours) as well as other brands like Nordic Light and Paradise, so you should be able to find a match for most occasions.

We have plain, pearlescent, patterned, textured and soft tone finishes as well as wood tone and perforated slats.

You can also very the colours in your blind if you so wish....why not have a striking band of colour across a plain blind.

There are 16mm / 25mm / 35mm & 50mm slat widths to choose from.

We use a cord & wand operation which can be situated on the left or right hand side.

We can also make the blinds in a privacy style without the slotted holes for the cords, this gives greater privacy if you happen to be situated in a ground floor office and have sensitive information to from prying eyes.

  • Apex & Pleated Blinds.

Capital Apex & Pleated Blinds look good in all types of windows, the fabric used is very similar to that of roller blind fabric but instead of rolling away when raised it is lifted and stacked in pleats a little like a venetian blind.

The standard Apex blind is available in 50mm pleats with many varying designs.

The Pleated blinds are more commonly in 20mm & 25mm pleats.

Both these blinds are free hanging with left or right hand side controls.

The Pleated type can be used to great effect on skylight roof windows using a pole to operate.

  • Panel Blinds.

Capital Panel Blinds are basically large pieces of fabric (normally 3-8 widths) that travel across a multi-lane headrail.

The fabric is basically roller blind fabric cut into panels and hung from carriers that travel along the headrail.

Like Vertical blinds the controls can be left or right hand cord, or alternatively wand operated.



You choose at home. We will bring all samples to you!


Types of Blinds:


Vertical Louvre

Wooden Venetian

Aluminium Venetian

Apex and Pleated


We’ve listed the main types of blinds and products that we use but of course things change quickly, and there is always something new to offer so, if you do not see what you require why not contact us to see what’s new, we’ll be happy to help!